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8 Reasons Dressing Down is Overrated

1. People Won't Take You Seriously

No matter the situation, dressing well portrays a sense of authority. Some may argue that some of the richest men in the world such as Mark Zuckerberg are extremely dressed down, but at the last congressional hearing, he showed up in a suit. People noticed and it was a signal that said, “I’m taking this very seriously.” By dressing up you signal that you have respect for others and in turn, they will respect you more.

2. People Who Dress Up Make More Money Over the Course of Their Career

If your boss doesn’t take you seriously and he doesn’t respect your image, why would he promote you? Surprisingly, 75% of men think that their well-dressed counterparts are more successful in their jobs

3. Dressing Down Will Keep you From Doing Things

Most of the time when you wear sweatpants and a t-shirt, you don’t feel appropriate to go to most places, except the gym! Your clothes should not hold you back, they should help you move forward. All it takes is a pair of dress casual pants, casual dress shirt, and sport coat and you’ll be better dressed than 90% of the men you encounter.

4. Dressing Down can Make you Look Lazy

Yes, t-shirts and sweatpants are comfy, but what message are you trying to communicate? Whether we like it or not, dressing down gives an impression that we’re unmotivated and lazy.

5. What you Wear is not Just About You

As Tom Ford once said dressing well is a form of good manners. When you show up to a business meeting or event under-dressed it not only gives you a bad impression of you, but your business and coworkers as well.

6. Dressing Well Makes you Feel Confident and Powerful

Did you ever notice the way you feel when you are well dressed? Putting on a nice suit influences the way you talk, the way you walk, your posture, the way you interact, and of course the way you are perceived. Who wouldn’t want to feel more confident and powerful?

7. Dressing Down Costs More in the Long Run

Although t-shirts and sweatpants are inexpensive, they are usually made of low-quality materials and so they wear out a lot more. Ultimately you invest more time as well as resources shopping in store and online. Dressing cheaply is not that cheap in the long run. If you invest in a nice sport coat or a nice pair of shoes you can wear it for years and spend less if you consider the cost per wear of your clothing.

8. You Never Know Who You're Going to Meet

Sometimes all it takes to be successful is being in the right place at the right time. We can’t plan for these moments, but we can surely be prepared. Dressing well prepares you to meet anyone and makes you look professional, educated, and well respected.

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