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A Guide to Men's Shirt Collars

Straight Collar:

This classic is for any man, in any suit, and with any necktie knot. You can’t go wrong with this classic collar.

Button down Collar:

This dapper shirt collar style is generally the most casual of the bunch. The button-down collar features a soft roll instead of a crease at the collar band. This style also looks great open/unbuttoned without a tie.

Spread Collar:

Presently the most common and mainstream, the points of the collar are spread apart at a very wide angle.

Cutaway Collar:

As the name suggests, the cutaway collars look as if the collar was “cut away.” It takes a man with confidence to wear a cutaway collar due to the extreme distance between the points on the collar. You will see this collar style around Europe and if you look hard, you may see one in NYC!

Tab Collar:

The tab collar was once popular in the 1920’s and 60’s. This collar features a snap or button tab that, when fastened, lifts and frames the tie knot. This collar must be worn with a necktie.


Most other shirt collar styles are variations on these 6 basics. Choose the collar style that best matches your personal style and attitude. Which is your favorite collar style?

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