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Business Casual FAQ's

1. What is appropriate for casual Friday?

It depends on your company’s culture but generally speaking casual Friday business attire should include at least a trouser, dress casual shoes, dress shirt, and a blazer or sport coat. The blazer or sport coat is a place to keep your phone and money and if not always necessary can be kept on the back if your door for emergencies. You don’t have to wear a tie when casual.

2. How should I dress for an interview?

If you’re not sure on how to dress for a job interview, your safest choice is to opt for a more formal suit look. You want to show the employer that you care about the job. Being able to dress formally also makes a great impression.

3. What should I wear for casual work?

To know what to wear for casual work you should familiarize yourself with your company first. See how other employees dress for work. Also, it is important to pay attention to the people whose position you aspire to reach next and emulate their style.

4. Are polo shirts considered business casual?

In most cases, a polo shirt is not acceptable as business casual. You should wear a professional long sleeve dress shirt and roll up your sleeves if you want. However, a polo shirt might be appropriate in some companies or at special events. If that’s the case, opt for a clean fit and neat cut.

5. Do black jeans count as business casual?

Denim jeans should generally not be worn as part of your casual business attire. If your company does allow jeans opt for jeans in dark colors.

6. Are khakis appropriate for business casual?

Khakis like shorts are more appropriate for weekend wear. Dress casual slacks are most appropriate for business however some companies allow khakis in the summer. A dress casual slack will look neater and won’t wrinkle like khakis do.

7. Do you need a tie for business casual?

No, a tie is not necessary for men to dress business casual. But keeping one on the back of your door is a great idea!

8. Can you wear shorts in business casual?

In most circumstances shorts are not appropriate as part of your business casual attire. Your company may be more tolerant than others and some special occasions, such as a beach networking party, might allow a short. Even then, we would recommend that you stick to a relaxed yet neat linen trouser.

9. What is not business casual attire?

Since casual business attire is loosely defined, it’s the context of the occasion and environment that will tell you what is appropriate and what is not. Anything that is too casual or too formal won’t do. For example, shorts, t-shirts, and slippers are too casual while a tie and black suit will usually be too formal.

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