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Duplicates in your Wardrobe- Buying Multiples of the Same Item

When you first set out on the path of finding your own style, variety is the name of the game. You’ll want to try different patterns, fabrics, and styles, but once you’ve established your wardrobe preferences you will discover the value of having duplicates in your wardrobe.

Multiples of the Same Item:

The most common item that a man will own multiples of will be white dress shirts. They are a staple item in a man’s wardrobe that can be worn multiple times a week. Since white dress shirts are so versatile and can be paired with almost everything you’ll want duplicates unless you feel like going to the cleaners more often. Blue shirts are almost as useful as white so have multiple blue shirts as well!

Another common item to duplicate is suit pants. Since pants wear out faster than jackets, many guys will order a second pair to prolong the time they can wear the suit. Don’t be afraid to have duplicates in your wardrobe. As long as you love what you're wearing and wearing it frequently having duplicates is worth it.

Multiple Shades of the Same Color:

When you start adding more pieces to your wardrobe you’ll realize that not all colors are the same. For example, you might have realized that not all grays are the same. Some contain an undertone of light blue while others may have an olive green cast. For colors such as gray and blue you’ll want to have a contrast of different shades to ensure you have something to match with everything.


Just remember although variety may be the spice of life, sameness can also have its perks. Buying duplicates can make your life easier and enhance your style!

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