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Favorite Fall Fabrics

Soon we’ll be able to forget about this heat and welcome a fresh autumn season full of crisp mornings. It will be time to pack away your airy cotton shirts and cool linen pants of summer, in favor of your fall favorites.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a guide of our 2 favorite fall fabrics that you’re going to want to know about for the cooler days ahead.


Nothing says comfort and warmth like flannel. Flannel trousers or a flannel suit made with the right fit and style are so utterly elegant.

- Gray flannel trousers

A pair of gray flannel trousers is the perfect autumn wardrobe staple for both work and play. Wear them with a cashmere blazer, sport coat, or a pullover sweater!

- Luxurious Flannel suits

It is important to have an adequate rotation of fall/winter suits. Choose from solids, chalk stripes, window panes, or glen plaids in gray as well as charcoal, navy, earth tones, and more!


This classic fabric is so versatile! Try corduroy in a blazer to wear with jeans or flannel pants. A traditional corduroy pair of pants are comfortable, professional, and fashion-forward.

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