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How to Take Care of your Custom Suit (and Make it Last)!

When you know how to take care of your custom suit properly you can keep it looking and smelling clean, and you can extend its life for a long time.

At a glance, below are 5 ways to take care of your custom suit

1. Hang it on a large wooden hanger in your closet

It is important to use a wide hanger so it can support the shoulders of your suit jacket. When buying a custom suit from us you will automatically be given a strong wooden hanger. Your suit hanger should be wide enough to reach near the ends of the shoulders inside the coat.

2. Rarely dry clean your jacket

Your suits should be taken to a professional dry cleaner, but not too often. Dry cleaning can be a bit of a harsh process for any garment and will eventually take a toll on the natural fibers in your suit jacket. Rule of thumb is to dry clean once a season / up to 4x per year. Press only unless your suit is soiled.

3. Use a lint roller

Lint rollers are an inexpensive tool that can be a wonderful thing. Lint rollers do a great job of quickly picking up lint, dog hair, etc.

4. Brush it off now and again

For the dust and dirt that a lint roller can get too a suit brush works perfect! Since wool is a natural fiber it can trap dirt and grime, that overtime can cause damage to the fabric. We recommend buying a quality suit brush. All you do is give your suit a gentle brush after every other wear or so. Simple hang up your jacket and brush downwards (not across the fibers), start at the top and work your way down.

5. Steam it to loosen wrinkles (don’t iron)

Your suit will get wrinkled time to time, but don’t worry wrinkles come out! The safest and most efficient way to get those wrinkles out is to use a steamer. In addition to relaxing the wrinkles, a steamer will also freshen up your suit by removing light odors.

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