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Men's Suit Colors- What Do They All Mean?

What is the color of your suit conveying? Did you know that the color of your suit is just as important as the cut and fit of it?


~ Classic, powerful, and handsome business suit

~ Looks great on everyone

~ The perfect suit to wear to an interview, when speaking, or giving a presentation

~ A commanding color denotes authority


~ The most formal color in men’s suits

~ Also, most solemn and should be worn to funerals

~ Very acceptable in business as a powerful alternative to navy, especially in creative industries like advertising and marketing

Charcoal and Medium Gray

~ The second classic, powerful business suit

~ The perfect 2nd interview suit

~ Conservative and perfect suit for all business meetings

~ Serious color for banking, financial meetings, and board meetings

Lighter Grays

~ Less conservative and more casual

~ Great for office days

~ Perfect shade in Spring and Summer months

~ Also, works on milder Fall and Winter days

~ Popular color for groomsmen or as a guest to a Spring or Summer wedding


~ Perfect when you want to be approachable and when building rapport with others

~ Great for networking and social occasions

~ Works well when giving performance reviews

~ Ideal for attorneys conducting depositions of choosing a jury

85 % of communication is nonverbal so remember, buy the suit that not only looks good, but says what you want it to say!

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