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Why Off-The-Rack Shirts Can't Compare to Custom Made

If you’ve never owned custom-made shirts before, you may not be aware of how well they fit. Most people purchase their dress shirts off the rack at a department or men's clothing store.... until they try custom for the first time! Unlike a custom-made shirt, off the rack shirts are designed to fit the average person. But who is the average? When buying off the rack you get variations in neck sizes and sleeve lengths, but that’s all. If you order custom shirts through Short Hills Custom, we take 10 measurements! These 10 measurements create a pattern exclusive to you!

Our custom shirts will fit you perfectly since they consider all measurements of your body, not the average body. You will have comprehensive measurements taken, and you also get to choose from 100's of fabrics, how you would like your shirts tapered, how long you want the tails, what kind of cuffs and collar you want, what color and types of buttons you prefer, and so much more. With all these selections, you will have fabulous, one of a kind shirts! So, the next time you debate on walking into that department store and buying off the rack shirts, think about the disservice you are doing yourself and try custom shirts. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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