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Why Wearing a Tie Gets You More Respect

So, Why Wear a Tie?

Reason #1: History Favors the Great

Neckties have always symbolized honor and nobility. King Louis XIV of France admired neckties so much he began wearing them which made ties a status style item.

Reason #2: Career

Ties signal professionalism. As the phrase goes “dress for the career you want.” Impress your bosses and colleagues by being the guy who puts a little more effort into his look.

Reason #3: Confidence

In the same way that glasses make you look smart, a tie makes you look influential and capable. If you wear a tie with confidence, those around you will assume you possess certain qualities.

Reason #4: Looking Good

Let’s be honest, nothing says sharp-dressed like a carefully selected necktie. People who dress well and present themselves nicely are catered to more- whether we like it or not.

Reason #5: The Extra Mile

Ties can really go a long way. Who would’ve thought that a small piece of fabric would make such a big impact? A lot of people have taken advantage of the use of ties including the King of France, nobleman, founders, and CEO’s, so you should too!

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