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Everything You Need to Know About Collar Stays

Take a look into the wardrobe of any well-dressed mans closet and you will find a solid accessory collection. Accessories like shoes, ties, and pocket squares are visible pieces that can help elevate your look. However, there are other accessories that aren’t visible, like collar stays. Collar stays are one of the non-visible accessories that can help elevate your outfit by keeping your collar in place. There are many types of collar stays depending on the preference of the person using them. Below are just a few of the different types of collar stays available.


Plastic collar stays are much lighter than all other metal collar stays. However, since they are lightweight, they may not always work as effectively. They are relatively cheap and easy to find, so we recommend plastic collar stays for all collar stay beginners.

Stainless Steel:

Out of all metal collar stays, stainless steel sets are the most popular choice. Stainless steel is heavy enough to keep your collar looking crisp without weighing you down. This option works great and is affordable.


Brass collar stays are also popular among men who prefer metal collar stays. Brass stays have similar qualities when compared to stainless steel stays but look just a bit more classic.


Gold collar stays are the most expensive but are arguably the most sophisticated. Gold collar stays are definitely an investment, so we recommend trying the more affordable options before committing to this one.

More Interesting Things to Know About Collar Stays

1. You can get your collar stays engraved

Get your stays engraved to reflect your personality. You can get them engraved with important dates or messages that mean something to you. Not only will this help show off your personality, but you will be more inclined to wear them.

2. Collar Stays can be magnetic

For extra staying power, you can purchase magnetic stays. These sets come with magnetic studs that stick to the underside of your collar, which will help keep your collar looking stiff throughout the day.

3. Take your collar stays out before you clean your shirts.

This is very important if you are using plastic stays. Dry cleaning procedures can easily ruin collar stays, so make sure to remove them before you clean your shirt.

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