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10 Tips When Choosing a Custom Suit

Think a suit is just a suit? Well, think again. Do you want a suit that fits great, is made well, leaves an impression, and feels amazing? Then forget the limited off-the-rack options and invest in custom. Here is some advice on purchasing custom suits.

1.) Be confident with your choice to try custom.

If you are unsure about whether custom is right for you, consider this. Anything you pull off a rack will not take into account the way the human body is built. There is no one size fits all with suits; if you want to look your best, your suit should reflect the reality of your body’s dimensions. Once you wear custom, you won’t go back to off the rack.

2.) It should be flattering and comfortable.

Your suit should flatter your build, height, and weight while allowing you to go about your day with comfort. Don’t become so focused on the appearance that you neglect your range of motion and comfort. Your comfort in a custom suit made just for you will translate into confidence.

3.) Consider when and where you will wear them.

Will you be wearing them for business? What social events are on your calendar? Colors and patterns should be considered because of what they convey.

4.) Simplify and start with the basic cornerstone suits.

When purchasing your first custom suits, stick to the basics (navy and charcoal). Going with some standard choices will make your suits more adaptable and versatile for various occasions.

5.) Skip the trends.

If you want your suits to be an investment that will last you more than 2 years, stay away from any style that has not shown itself to have longevity…. like the shorter tight jackets!

6.) Consider the fabric in relation to the time of year.

A year-round worsted wool is something you can wear in any season, but in the winter, you can wear flannel. In the summer, lightweight worsted wools, cotton, or linen work well.

7.) Always hang on a proper suit hanger.

If your suit does not come with a proper hanger (which you won’t have to worry about with us) it may not support the jackets shoulders. A high-quality hanger will keep your suit looking its best for years to come.

8.) Don’t dry clean too often.

The fabric of your suit will deteriorate quickly if you get it dry cleaned too often. To make your suit look fresh before an important occasion, just give it a quick steam to release the wrinkles and you’re all set to go.

9.) Be aware of how your body type influences the look.

Bold windowpanes are not flattering on everyone. Pinstripes make you look longer and leaner, so a very tall, thin person may want to avoid them.

10.) Work with a professional expert!

Do you want the finest custom made suits in the Tri-State area? At Short Hills Custom, we have over 20 years’ experience in custom clothing. We look forward to serving you!

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