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Made-to-Measure vs. Custom?

The terms made-to-measure, custom, and off-the-rack are used frequently in the suit industry. We all know what off-the-rack means; but what is the difference between made-to-measure and custom?

4 distinctions between a Made-to-Measure and Custom Suit.

1. Pattern Making

Made-to-measure: The store will take a standardized sized jacket’s pattern and then adjust it to fit you better. The tailor may be able to change certain aspects, such as shoulder width and jacket length.

Custom: Instead of using standardized patterns, a trained expert will take extensive measurements and create a fresh and unique pattern exclusive to you. With a custom pattern, details like the slope of your shoulders, the incline of your posture, and size of your biceps, and more, are not overlooked….and the suit pattern will be unique to you and your body.

2. Fittings

Made-to-measure: There is one fitting for a made to measure suit.

Custom: 2 fittings include the initial detailed measuring and creation of your pattern, and a second fitting when the garment is completed.

3. Fabric

Made-to-measure: The options are usually more limited to basic patterns.

Custom: The fabric choices are almost endless. You can choose something that you would not find off-the-rack!

4. Face-time

Made- to-measure: A retail sales associate will take your measurements and pass along the information.

Custom: Your trained professional clothier at Short Hills Custom will come to you at your convenience to take your measurements and come back to you for the fitting.

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